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Interesting to see how many of the papers are talking about L2.0 topics – things like, “Using a wiki for information services: principles and practicalities” Peter Blake. Check out the programme at


Nothing like planning early … the International Congress on Medical Librarianship is running from 1 Aug 2009 to Sep 2009, in Brisbane, Australia.

The theme is Positioning the Profession and if we on this blog can’t have something up and organised by then, I’ll be greatly surprised. So, who’s the first to suggest a paper to present??

Medical librarianship … such an almost archaic sound it has …

The first post in any blog always sounds a bit lame, so let’s not labour the point.  This is a new hopefully group blog discussing the Library 2.0 concept as it applies to health/medical libraries.

HLIS = Health Libraries and Information Services.  Hence, HLIS 2.0.  Yes?

We shall be inviting anyone we know vaguely in the field – librarians, programmers, or anyone with an opinion on information technology as it’s used in the health/medical area.

Contact us if you’d like an invite to comment!