Information Online had a blog, and a number of librarians did blog their individual experiences from there. of which InfoRX was a satellite event.

But where was InfoRX’s blog? Should it have had one? Should it have been this blog?? Probably …

I did bring along a Palm T5 with a Wifi card, but as I was tagging along somewhat late in the day, I never did get to find out whether I could get a login to the conference centre’s wireless connection and so blogged live.

So I _could_ have blogged the conf, but I didn’t. I sat neatly and made lots of pen’n’paper notes instead (and sneakily, I prefer that anyway … I remember stuff that way).

A few thoughts are sitting on paper that I’m still letting percolate into my brain; several ideas for talks on the whole Lib2.0 thang itself, and quite a lot of ideas that could be implemented at the place I work.

In jest, I mentioned some of these to My Fabulous Boss: “We could turn ourselves into a showcase of health libraries 2.0, because we’re one of the few with close to complete control over our website, content, networks, and own computers”. Serves me right. “What a good idea!!”.

So … what is Library 2.0, in the actual flesh? Podcasts burnt to a weekly loanable CD? A central media server streaming relevant audio and video ripped from YouTube and Google Video to be watched on the wall-mounted plasma in a dedicated multimedia room? PDAs with health/medical software lent to staff on a weekly basis? A blog, wiki, and forum on the website?

And technical/searching/implementation concepts aside, we then have to promote this little lot and get it used … !

I’d love to hear people’s wild flights of fancy. They may not be as wild as you think …