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I’ve just been reading David Rothman’s post about PubMed2Connotea / PubMed2CiteULik . This has got me wondering whether Pubmed is pulling away from Ovid and Ebsco when it comes to useful add-ons. I know that we all have to use Ebsco for CINAHL after 2008; and that an awful lot of people are used to Ovid, and that it’s commonly regarded as the gold standard in searching. But I like things like RSS feeds, the ability to search pubmed quickly from my Firefox search box, the links to journals – and now this. Apart from everything else, by being open, it allows other people to develop links around it.

So it looks as though I’m going to spend some time trying to work out how to add my journal holdings to PubMed, and make it a viable alternative for our clients. Mind you, they can’t use Firefox at work, either, but here’s hoping that will be overcome, too!