I’ve just signed up for another online suite of journals, and discovered, with a sigh of relief, that I can set the client username and password.  We have soooo many different logins and passwords for our clients, I don’t blame them for just dumping a lot of stuff into a document delivery request form.  I hate the fact that we have one major suite of resources – from a centralised source – but because it’s a proprietary set of resources, I don’t like to use the password with their competitors’ resources.  So we use the same login and a different password.  But a third resource doesn’t give us the choice of login, so we must give an unintellligible string to our clients.  Not to mention logins for individual journal subscriptions.

We can’t use IP addresses, there’s no way we’ll be allowed to run EZ Proxy or something similar, and it’s driving me nuts.  I know about Athens, but it’s expensive for a small campus, and I don’t really want to be supporting individual logins – although I’m sure I’ll get there soon enough.  Actually, I’d love to know how Athens goes with the way that Ovid and Ebsco are pushing individual accounts, where you have to login after you’ve logged into the main site.

Anyone with a magic solution out there?