I finally got around to entering my data into the 2.0 Survey (below), and found to my surprise that none of the listed sites were blocked!  Amazing.  The reason for my surprise is that so much really useful content is blocked (we find sites every week), yet at the moment, these networking sites are all available.  I can go onto facebook, blog or podcast to my heart’s content.  Mind you, part of it is in the wording, which we haven’t altered from the MLA’s survey.  While I can use flickr and download mp3 files, I can’t do a search on the image section of any of the major search engines, and I can’t play video direct from a site (eg a news report from our national broadcaster).  Totally illogical and frustrating.  Nor can I get to any webmail sites, which has a flow-on that random bits of the google site are blocked, which is very annoying when trying to set up groups or docs under google.  Sigh.  So it will be interesting to monitor when these sites are gradually blocked – mind you, they did try blocking all blog sites a few years ago, but we created such a storm, that it was hastily reversed.  If I don’t get my bloglines fix of feeds from overnight, I’m not a happy person.

Although I should also point out that we refuse to let the technology stop us … if something is blocked and we legitimately need it for our work (like reading the important blogs from our profession), we’ll find a way!