Okay, it’s really nine months, but yet again, I’m doing a presentation for Australian health librarians on L2.0; and each time I do one of these, I try to take stock of what’s happened since the last time. Firstly, I’m aware that it’s all not very new anymore. I certainly take things like blogs, wikis and rss feeds for granted (which is why I’m so frustrated that my ILS doesn’t support rss, but that’s another gripe). And I’m using more tools personally – I now use igoogle at work to keep my life together and am thinking of something for my non-work life; i’m moving to an online calendar (still torn between yahoo and google – suggestions, anyone?); and I’m on facebook. All of which sounds old-hat to many 2.0 afficionados, but the interesting thing is that this is in my personal, not professional life.

But professionally, we’re not doing much more than we were nine months ago. No great leaps forward, no wonderful inventions. Just more of the same, which seems to be working well. However, I am drawing up a wish-list of where I want to be this time next year, and there are some great leaps that will need to happen there. I’m looking forward to the challenge of working out how to make them happen.