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It’s the silly season here – for those of you reading in the northern hemisphere, Christmas has a unique dynamic in Australia.  By the time things stop for Christmas, you can basically count out the whole of January as far as furthering projects goes.  The entire country retires to the beach with a book, or hibernates in front of the cricket on the ‘telly’. No sane person tries to run meetings – or get things fixed.

Which means that technology going pear-shaped in the week before Christmas is Not A Good Thing. Things like the new version of Ovid won’t be launched until February, when we’re all back on deck, and ready to do lots of training and support.  But this week, a software upgrade means that many of our links to online journals have gone strange, or gone altogether.  And then today our scanning software has died (it’s a problem for the whole organisation).  Given that scanning is almost as essential for us as email, this is a disaster.  Especially for those last-minute doc del requests that are sure to arrive.  Fortunately the fax still works, but suddenly it feels like very old technology.


You know you’re behind the times when something has been posted once, then David Rothman blogs about it.  So everyone already knows that the first results are out from this survey.   Whether anyone is interested in reading them at this end of the year is another issue entirely!  I know I’m not.  So it’s good that a detailed look at the interesting points of this survey will be presented in a paper at Beyond the Hype in February.  Meanwhile, you can have a look at the pretty graphs!  A cursory glance does note some interesting differences between us and our US counterparts – it will be interesting to explore this further.

Meanwhile,  a wish you a festive and relaxing Christmas.