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WHAT??? It’s less than a week before all our clients will have to be moved to a totally new interface, and Ovid change the name on one of the tabs????  Firstly, I do agree with the change, the wording “Ovid Syntax” has to be the worst I’ve seen for a while.  But the timing is awful.  Mind you, leaving it any later would have been worse, but still … this is Not Good.  I don’t know about everyone else, although I have my suspicions that we’ve all been doing handouts and training and help guides for our clients.  With LOTS of screenshots.  Which will now all have to be re-done for Friday.  And today is Wednesday (well, here it is).  Not a lot of time.  Quite a lot of work.

Mind you, it’s good that Ovid listened, and has acted.  But still, NOT happy.


It seems surveys are all the go!  I’m presuming that anyone who reads this, also reads davidrothman’s blog, but in case you don’t – he posts about a survey of readers of medical librarian blogs.  Please take the survey!  It’s a short survey, but the questions are interesting, such as asking how likely you are to act on what you read.  Looking forward to seeing the results.

The survey is here.