WHAT??? It’s less than a week before all our clients will have to be moved to a totally new interface, and Ovid change the name on one of the tabs????  Firstly, I do agree with the change, the wording “Ovid Syntax” has to be the worst I’ve seen for a while.  But the timing is awful.  Mind you, leaving it any later would have been worse, but still … this is Not Good.  I don’t know about everyone else, although I have my suspicions that we’ve all been doing handouts and training and help guides for our clients.  With LOTS of screenshots.  Which will now all have to be re-done for Friday.  And today is Wednesday (well, here it is).  Not a lot of time.  Quite a lot of work.

Mind you, it’s good that Ovid listened, and has acted.  But still, NOT happy.